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Our Wellness products are proven to help you live a new life, lose weight and feel great. But don’t take our word for it. Here are just six inspiring success stories from many thousands of satisfied customers worldwide.



I gave my lifestyle a makeover – and lost 38 kilos!”

“After deciding to change my life for the better, Oriflame’s Wellness products succeeded where other weight loss programs had always failed. It wasn’t too difficult, and the results are stable! I now remain slim, energetic, active and confident. Thank you Wellness by Oriflame”



With support from each other and our shakes, I resisted sweet temptations and lost 10 kg in 4 months. That’s teamwork!” – Choulia

“I thought it was mission impossible to lose even 5 kg. After losing over four times that weight, I feel reborn!” – Aichan

“We pulled together and formed our own Wellness weight loss team!”

We lost 32 kilos – and have much more energy!”



“After joining Oriflame, my income and self-confidence quickly grew – but I forgot about my

 health. I had gained weight and was always tired, so as soon as I heard about the NutriShake I had to give it a try. After exercising regularly, eating better and taking the shake, I lost 18 kg in 3 months. I even won the Indonesia NutriShake Weight Loss Competition! 

My conclusion? Fatten up your wallet and slim down your waistline, with NutriShake by Oriflame!”

I lost 18 kilos – and regained my health!”



“The Wellness shakes and soups have been a huge part of life for the last 3 years now, and are as essential to my stock of

home groceries as bread.

I no longer feel like snacking on sweet cakes or chips, and I love feeling more healthy, energetic and beautiful. My world, and kitchen, is a better place with Wellness!”

I lost weight without even noticing!”


Czech Republic

I made a decision to change my lifestyle”

“I always knew Wellness products were good, but when I started using them I was amazed. Yes,

I lost weight. But the most overwhelming thing for me was theincredible sense of achievement. I decided to make a change… and I did! Now I can’t wait to try out the new bikini’s I bought!”

“It was always my dream to be pretty and successful. It’s such a fantastic feeling when it really happens!”



“I always presumed my excess weight was natural for men my age. But when I saw my blood pressure was high and I

 was often short of breath, I became determined to shape up. Taking the shake and following the RoadMap helped me lose weight easily, and I’m now free from any health problems. I really recommend it to you all!”

“I lost 37 kilos. I feel happy, energetic and healthy!”



“As a busy housewife with two children, NutriShake is a dream. It not only keeps me energized and focused, but it keeps me in a

 good mood for everything I do – from daily housework to duties as an Oriflame leader.
Perhaps more importantly, taking the shake and exercising has given me a healthier lifestyle, and enabled me to reach my ideal shape and weight. I feel attractive and confident, and have never had such a positive outlook on life! With Wellness by Oriflame, I can achieve my dreams!”

“I lost 9 kilos – and NutriShake changed my life!”



“I lost 13 kilos – and feel like I’m 18 again!”

“I confess, I gained weight after my second son was born, but taking the shake helped me to easily lose it again. I just followed

 the Roadmap, and got plenty of exercise from my very active baby! As a result, I can’t believe how much more confidence I now have! Thank you Wellness!”