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Summer is approaching, slowly but surely. This is a great moment to take a tally of our latest achievements and get energised to move forward – or gather inspiration to start again. We created Back in Shape Challenge to give you that final push: a boost of motivation to move forward with your resolutions and stay on the road to achieving your personal goals.

We’d like to approach this from a holistic point of view, and by that we mean 4 areas of our everyday life: nutrition and diet, exercise and activity, business excellence, as well as well-being and mindfulness. In the upcoming weeks, we’ll focus on each of these fields, providing you with guidelines, exercises and advice, so that you can achieve your goals!


Florin Cujba’s fitness experience stretches over 12 years – and he’s been active in sports since childhood. At the age of four, he got into martial arts – judo, to be precise – which he’s been practicing for the next 16 years. Florin graduated from the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports in Iasi, then followed up with a Master’s degree in Management and Marketing in Sports at the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University. In 2013, he got a Master’s degree in Business in Fitness at the European Fitness Institute in Birmingham, UK. Following that, in 2015, he attended the Leadership & Executive Coach courses at the Center of Executive Coaching Romania. At present, he’s the owner of Optimize Body Center - Physiotherapy and Fitness Center.