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What are the benefits of the Brand Partner Reward Plan?

Brand Partner Reward Plan provides you many benefits and opportunities to develop your own business through:

15% Welcome Discount – Get an immediate 15% Welcome Discount on the first order you place.

20% Cashback – Get 20% Cashback on all personal orders. The amount is accredited back to your account and used when paying for your next orders within the current and following 3 campaigns, up to a maximum of 50% discount of order value.

Welcome Programme – Enjoy products from our Welcome Programme.

Free Delivery Fee – Free delivery if you buy a shipping product at a special price. • Team Bonus – Earn 10% Team Bonus on the orders of your directly sponsored Brand Partners and Members OR 3-23% Team Bonus on all orders in your Team. You always earn the largest amount!

Manager Advancement Bonuses – Kick-start your business and earn up to 1200 BGN extra with all three Advancement Bonuses by qualifying for the 12%, 15% and 18% Manager Bonus within the first 5, 10 and 15 campaign periods respectively!

Manager’s Conference – Requalify for the 12% Manager title during your first 10 campaigns and fulfil the recruitment targets to experience your very first Oriflame International Business Conference!

Director Bonuses – Earn Director Bonuses by supporting and developing your Brand Partners to reach the 23% Team Bonus level.

Cash Awards – Qualify for Cash Awards worth from $1000 to $1,000,000 and when reaching President Director title, you can get a car.

International Conferences – Qualify for International Conferences by achieving higher titles.