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How do I get paid?

Get paid weekly with Revolut account

Oriflame has partnered with Revolut, one of the largest financial companies in Europe, to simplify and modernise our commission payout process. Revolut has developed an easy way for you to fulfil all regulatory requirements for us to be able to pay you your Oriflame bonuses and commissions.

After an easy sign up process of less than a minute you will open and can manage your Revolut account, from which you can transfer your Oriflame commissions to any bank account of your choice free of charge (conditions apply).

You can choose to keep your money in your Revolut account and use their modern digital banking services. A free virtual debit card is included, while a physical debit card comes at a small delivery charge.

What’s in it for me?
Oriflame has partnered with Revolut to modernise the bonus payout process. You can now be paid your Oriflame bonuses even faster. Thanks to our partnership we make it easy and fast for you to fulfil all regulatory requirements.

Is the Revolut account free?
It is completely free for Oriflame Brand Partners.

What is Revolut?
Revolut is Oriflame's commission payout partner. Oriflame only pays bonuses through Revolut. Revolut is one of Europe's largest financial companies with more than 25 million customers.

Special offer - €20 Welcome bonus - Don't miss!
Together with Revolut, we have developed the new payment option "Revolut Pay", where you can pay for your Oriflame order directly from your Revolut account. Instant payment and only one click needed to confirm! To promote this new convenient payment channel, Revolut is offering a cash Welcome Bonus of €20 for new customers.

1. Choose "Revolut Pay" as payment option when paying for your next Oriflame order
2. Receive a link to download their app and open a Revolut account. Get €10 Welcome bonus to your Revolut account!
3. Pay for your next Oriflame order with "Revolut Pay" through their app and receive additional €10 Welcome bonus to your Revolut account!

Available for both Members and Brand Partners. A bank card (Mastercard/VISA) issued by your current bank is required for the onboarding payment. Not available for current Revolut account holders, only new customers. Conditions apply.

Do I have to transfer my money from Revolut?
To transfer your bonuses from Revolut to an account with your current bank is optional. You can choose to keep your money in your Revolut account and use their modern banking services. Withdraw your money in ATMs or make payments using a Revolut debit card or the Revolut App.

What is Revolut Pro?
Oriflame Brand Partners have the exclusive option to upgrade their Revolut account to a "Revolut Pro" account for free As a Pro customer, you get from 0.4% up to 0.8% cashback on all your Pro card spends, be it online or in-store. You get a dedicated IBAN for all your commercial activities and you can also use your Pro account to generate professional invoices and accept quick payments.

How do I open a Revolut account?

If you do not want to take advantage of the €20 welcome bonus offer, but open a Revolut account immediately, click here:

If you are an Oriflame Brand Partner and already are a Revolut account holder and want to upgrade to Revolut Pro, click here:

If you are registered as Company/Legal Entity you need to open Revolut Business account to receive your Oriflame Bonus there. You can still open personal Revolut account via checkout and claim Welcome bonus of 20€.

What do I need to do to start receiving my Oriflame bonuses?
Once you have opened a Revolut account, or a Revolut Pro account, please provide your account number in the form in the Profile Payments section, click here:

Congratulations, you are now all set and can start receiving your well earned Oriflame bonuses!

Why Revolut?

Revolut is a bank with a financial super app that gives you a modern and mobile way to manage your money.

WEEKLY Commission Payouts
Get paid weekly on your Customers, directly to your Revolut account.

For new customers of Revolut, when choosing Revolut Pay at checkout.