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The Science behind

NovAge is the result of Age ReflectTM, a unique in depth scientific skin ageing study conducted by Oriflame. AgeReflect™ enables skin care to go beyond the traditional assumptions of skin ageing to reach a deeper understanding of which signs really impact perceived age. Not only are women’s complexions different, but their skin care needs vary greatly throughout their lives. Environmental factors, such as climate and weather, as well as lifestyle, contribute up to 80% towards the key signs of ageing. There simply is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution. The AgeReflect™ study helped us to understand exactly how your skin tells a different story than your years.

Our scientists studied the faces of almost a thousand women in our unique AgeReflect™ study, verified by top skin care experts and an independent review panel. The scientists identified the signs that age you most, because it’s not your age that matters, it’s how your skin looks. Fortunately, you can target specific skin issues that contribute to perceived age, since skin appearance drives age perception and every woman’s skin-ageing journey is personal.

By mapping and analysing 23 facial features of diverse women in the AgeReflect™ study, our scientists identified the 12 signs that really matter – the signs that have the greatest impact on your perceived age, no matter who you are. It is these signs that NovAge addresses. NovAge is a tailored system of targeted skin care, designed to meet your changing needs on your personal skin-ageing journey, with a clinically proven range to target the most important signs.

Oriflame took the in-depth knowledge from the AgeReflect™ scientific research to its labs at the Oriflame Skin Research Institute.

The challenge for the scientists was simple: Create powerful and relevant solutions that help women to achieve younger looking skin. Our scientists researched and developed formulas to create ranges clinically proven to achieve powerful results. Natural plant stem cell extracts and advanced technologies mean that the NovAge ranges achieve incredible results, precisely when and where they are needed, to push back the signs of ageing that matter.