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Gold Conference in Tunisia

Twice the luxurious accommodation, fantastic attractions and fun! Celebrate your success and inspire fellow Oriflame Leaders at two of Tunisia’s premiere destinations.

Tunisia’s medinas are full of bustling souks, where you can hunt for original souvenirs. Be on the lookout for olive oil and olive wood, local handicrafts, exotic herbs and spices, and many other unique goods. Flavourful, rich and colourful, Tunisian cuisine reflects the country’s traditions and cultural heritage. The national dish is couscous, which is made from Semolina flour and often served with vegetables and meat. Get ready for a culinary adventure!

Two destinations: Tunis and Hammamet!

Explore Tunisia’s lively yet laid-back capital city. The old town of Tunis is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that boasts over 700 monuments! Explore Hammamet - an idyllic resort town situated at the base of the Cap Bon Peninsula. The sun-kissed beaches, azure waters and enticing aroma of jasmine will make you feel like in paradise