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Like most of Greece, Kos follows the Mediterranean-style diet. But what makes Kos cuisine truly distinct from others are the fresh local ingredients and Koan traditions infused in each dish. 

The island’s fertile soil and favourable climate have led to a wide array of unique ingredients and products. The trademark of Kos Island is Tiri tis Posas, a type of red wine cured goat’s cheese. Also known as Krasotire, this tasty cheese is carefully prepared and delivers an amazing combination of flavours when eaten. 

Kos cuisine is also noted for its variety of local wines and delectably sweet honey. The famed honey, rich in both flavour and aroma, is often made with different ingredients like thyme. Hippocrates praised honey for its preventative and heath-giving benefits. Another favourite is Kanelada, a beverage made from cinnamon and Alefaskia - a local tea-like herb. 

This is just a small sampling of what Kos has to offer. Do not miss this chance to treat your taste buds! Join us at the 2019 Managers’ Seminar!