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Oriflame’s young leaders: Successful before 25!

Oriflame is about beauty, success and youthfulness! Yes, our products promise to keep the skin young, fresh, luminous and happy. And that’s the company motto as well: our success relies in the people’s happiness. With Oriflame the age is just a figure!

If you are young, daring and in love with beauty, within Oriflame team you can achieve success in no time. And that’s because the passion always wins. A business centered on people is always a success. Either consultant, or leader, you need to really care about others. Spreading beauty is a way to make someone’s day better. Making someone look great, radiant and young is a way to show that you care. How many times, a compliment changed an entire week? So many times!

Corina Bora:

“I started to be successful only when I realized the need to focus on people and not on money. I understood that by helping people, you actually help yourself. The difference between leaders and successful leaders is that the successful ones do fewer things, but they do them very well. They need to work efficiently and focus on the big picture. This opportunity offered me the chance to earn more money than my parents, to travel in places where I didn`t even thought I could go, to develop personally and to help other people. I understood that by giving, you succeed”.

Earning money from making people happy! Quick and easy. That’s a challenge. With Oriflame is a guarantee.

If you think you are too young and inexperienced, that’s nothing to be afraid of. Within Oriflame you will benefit of coach and lots of interesting trainings and the entire team is always there to support you to become successful.

Jovana’s testimonial:

“Meeting gave me some new ideas which I am implementing in my work now. The moment we finished with a training I started sharing materials we got on USB and creating my own Oriflame materials. As a result I got bigger number of views on each post and larger interest of my consultants and a new consultant – my friend, who decided to become a part of my team when she saw photos from a seminare I shared on Facebook, although I offered her Oriflame possibilities much earlier. That showed me the power of sharing Oriflame experiences on Facebook because people definitely react on that type of posts. My plan now is to share my knowledge from Youth meeting with my new consultant, motivate her to use it for finding new people so we can grow together”.

                Be proactive and use to the maximum the social media channels. Its easy, its fun and most of all has great return. You will be surprised how many new ideas just come up from interesting discussion with people. Always be a people person! And they will always respond back to you with much more than expected.

Lucie Šafránková: “My sponsor, Lenka Stránská, became my "Ori mother"; she carefully explained everything to me, helped me with everything and since my registration I reached 9% discount on the turnover; but my goal is a Diamond title! Each catalogue, Lenka organizes training courses, on which she motivates us and gives us new energy”.

If you have a dream, that’s never too early to start pursuing it! They have proved it, now it’s your turn!

“To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe”. (Anatole France)