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See the world with us!

Do you dream of travelling around the world, exploring new cultures, meeting fascinating people and having the time of your life?

As an Oriflame Consultant, you can qualify and attend many exciting events at dream destinations. Each event is a unique opportunity to experience Oriflame Togetherness, Spirit and Passion at its absolute best!

We are now busy planning our next event in Sardinia, Italy. Famous for its stunning turquoise waters and white sandy beaches, this exceptional island is one of Italy’s most alluring destinations. 

Join us today and make your dreams come true! Find out more about Oriflame opportunities here.


Can you imagine lying on the beautiful beaches of Sardinia, soaking up the warm Italian sun and enjoying La Dolce Vita? Well, don’t just imagine it, make it a reality! Start your qualification for the Managers’ Seminar 2018 Italy today!

Building a strong network is the key to getting your ticket to Sardinia. But what’s the best way to reach new people and introduce them to Oriflame? Follow our tips and you’ll be on your way to growing your team and making your dreams come true!

1. Have a plan. A big part of successful recruitment is answering Who, Where, and What? Who can you contact, Where can you find prospects, and What do you want to tell people about Oriflame. Start by writing down the names of people you know and different places you can prospect. Make a list of all the things you want to tell people about Oriflame. Think about what attracted you to joining: great products, flexible schedule, travel opportunities, etc.

2. Online, Offline – Stay Connected! Balance is everything in life. Having a strong online presence and working offline can really make a difference. Social media sites, like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, are a great way to reach new people and promote your business. Working offline, you can meet people face to face, go for a coffee and try products. And nothing beats a personal touch! In both cases, remember to always follow up.

3. Organize a Skin Care Session! Skin Care Sessions are fun and social activities, where you can introduce people to our advanced-performing skin care sets and the Oriflame Opportunity. Once your guests try the products and hear about all the benefits Oriflame has to offer, they will want to join the fun. Use the materials below to present new NovAge Bright Sublime in the best way. You can find them all here: (link)

For a super recruitment boost, take part in the current Recruitment Campaign. You can increase your chances of qualifying and collect amazing rewards. Remember, C14 is the last catalogue to start qualifying!

Visit us often for more tips, news and updates about Sardinia and the Managers’ Seminar 2018 Italy!