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From small business to big success

If you’re still thinking about starting your business, you’re on the right way, this is the first step. Within Oriflame, every successful person started with a thought: How about to be independent, make money, have fun and have my own private time though?

Every great journey started with the first step.

Oriflame is not only a company, but an opportunity to start your own business. Minimum investment and profit from the first order. Ideal, don’t you think?

How to increase your business if you decided for Oriflame? Let’s find out!

  1. Create your personal brand

    You’re every person’s first guarantee. Personal brand is what people say about you when you leave the room. You don’t need to be a celebrity to create a personal brand within your environment. Start with social media, it’s free and if you are creative, you can soon become an opinion leader on your interest field. Be always prepared with new information, create attractive content (funny, useful, insightful) and be available for discussion with your followers. Build your look 100% similar to what you sell.

  2. Be the mirror of your clients

    You have to know by heart who you will talk to when you will do the sell. It’s the key step. If you know their profile, you will find the proper voice to convince. Learn their preferences, needs, life style, hobbies and what will represent for them a good advice.

  3. Be so alive online!

    Sky is the limit! 0 costs! But you need to be valuable. Offer your public information, analysis, assistance, entertainment. Post almost every day, in order to be used with your presence, like the morning cup of coffee. Write shortly & include much visual materials, with a small description line which could be a teaser or info about the product. But, please, don’t be boring. Imagine what you would like to read, if you’d be in their place.

  4. Be the shadow of your competition

Always with a positive attitude! Learn from others, from their mistakes & their success. Find out what you can offer more or different. See what worked or not from their experiences.

This is not it! We have much more to share with you. Stay tuned for the next episode of tips & tricks for successful business!