Ultra Calm Technology is a natural active, which works on multiple levels to restore optimal condition to sensitive skin. 
• It soothes irritated skin by deactivating inflammatory responses to irritants.
• It restores hydration by boosting the levels of NMF (natural moisturising factors) in the skin barrier, which attract and hold on to water. 
• It strengthens the skin by optimising the organisation of the corneocyte cells and extracellular lipids for a tight, secure construction. 
• It helps rebalance the skin’s microbiota by inhibiting undesirable biofilms from forming on the surface of the skin.


DermaLift Active is a natural active, which was selected because it offers retinol-like collagen and elastin stimulation but without the typical skin tolerance problems. DermaLift Active has been proven in vitro to boost collagen by 63% and clinically proven in vivo to reduce crow’s feet wrinkles and improve skin elasticity.


3D Pollution Guard is a natural biopolymer technology, which forms an invisible mesh that acts like a second skin to help shield your own against harmful pollution.