Skin Tone Regulator Technology

Skin Tone Regulator Technology turns off the main switch to melanin production◊, effectively shutting down excessive and uncontrolled production and restoring balance◊. It also helps reduce skin redness@1 notably by controlling inflammation messages and reducing blood vessel dilation. Additionally, Skin Tone Regulator provides instant antioxidant and pollution protection@1 to prevent pollution-induced inflammatory responses and the skin degradation they trigger."

Ribwort Plant Stem Cell Extract

Ribwort Plant Stem Cell Extract helps neutralise and clean up the products of oxidative stress to counteract the appearance of dark spots and other skin tone discolourations and restore the skin’s vitality. Ribwort Plant Stem Cell Extract also supports the activity of Skin Tone Regulator Technology by helping keep the melanin producing cells strong and healthy.

Aqua-Bank Moisture Strategy

The Aqua-Bank Moisture Strategy in NovAge Brilliance is designed to maximise hydration and provide the skin with a translucent, luminous quality. The strategy involves drenching the skin with hydration and locking it in around the clock.