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Do it like Italians: 4 steps to live the most passionate life

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The Best Fragrance For Him

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A Festive Fregrance Indulgance

With luxury in the details, the perfume is velvet-coloured in a gold-capped glass bottle. In a luxury case with Italian-inspired embroidery, Miss Giordani Intense Limited-edition Collection includes an Eau de Parfum, Shower Cream and Perfumed Body Lotion. It is a fragrance indulgence to enhance an impression that enchants during those special occasions.

Hero Ingredient - Neroli Notes

Miss Giordani Intense is a sophisticated, exuberant fragrance that lifts your spirits and helps you celebrate your passion for life. At first, it sparkles with Green notes and Peach Nectar, lustrous and effervescent. It reveals a captivating heart of Neroli enhanced with Purple Gardenia with a velvet glow. A bright base of White Woods, Musk and Orchid Vanilla leaves a warm, lingering impression.

Master perfumer, Emillie Copperman

“I love a scent that holds an element of surprise... A bright touch to bring on a smile.”