Go Your Own Way

Fragrance Family - Woody Aromatic

3 Key Ingredients:
  • Top Note: Black Pepper
  • Heart Note: Lavandin
  • Base Note: Ambergris Accord
  • Hero Note: Ambergris Accord
  • Perfumer Story - Elise Bénat

    “When I create, I see images. Like a photographer, I imagine my fragrances as a picture.” Perfumer, Elise Bénat

    The raw material is the starting point from which Elise Benat builds her formulas. Drawing on a rich personal history of travel, she relishes the challenge of translating words into scents and creating subtle, surprising fragrances. Elise is the perfumer behind Aire Allegro for Loewe, My Little Garden and Sunkiss Garden and co-created Happydisiac Woman for Oriflame.