A true friendship will carry you through the years and through the storms of life. Although friendship is selfless, when the opportunity arises we should show our friends how much they mean to us. We believe that International Women’s Day is such an occasion. And so we’ve created an edit of extra-special gifts, for your extra-special friends.

For The Successful One
The most purposeful of your girlfriends believes that the 8th of March is her professional holiday – and reasonably so. She devoted her younger years to interning at leading companies, she jets between conferences in London and Shanghai, and she now has her own successful business. Her busy schedule has long been a cause for jokes – you can barely communicate via Facebook! Her gift is easy, it has to be Giordani Gold cosmetics: timeless classics, with an emphasis on Italian luxury.

For The Hunter

With an inexhaustible source of crazy stories, this beauty is always on the hunt. She is an independent adult, so you would never tell her what to do. But sometimes her tales of romantic adventures can leave your head spinning. Maybe – deep down – you’re a bit jealous. But you only want what is best for her: to find the man of her dreams and to calm down. For her, the new Love Potion fragrance is ideal: seductive, intriguing and sensual.

For The Digital Native
For the digital native, shopping is not a relaxing stroll with friends followed by a mandatory cafe visit. For her, it is hours of surfing obscure designers’ personal blogs and scouting for rare clothes on sites you’ve never heard of! Perhaps she has a beauty blog where she reviews a niche choice of cosmetics? She wouldn’t be impressed with lipstick or mascara, but a Skin Pro cleansing device will blow her away! It’s technically flawless, celebrities love it, and – most importantly - it’s incredibly effective.

For The Mum 
She was the first in the group to get married. And yes, you grew apart for a while. But after a year you returned to one another – she now with children in tow. While you and your friends were living carefree lives, she engaged in family life: raising children and perfecting her cooking skills. And she loved every second. She will be touched by the Ecollagen skin care set – despite shifted priorities, there is always time for a luxurious treat.
Words by: Photographs by: Getty images