Midsommar - Welcome summer the Swedish way

Get to know how to celebrate Midsummer – one of Sweden’s most beloved holidays.

Dancing around flower covered poles, wearing handmade floral crowns, lighting bonfires, pretending to be little frogs… these are just a few of the traditions Swedes partake in during Midsummer (Midsommar in Swedish) festivities.


Midsummer is a centuries-old holiday celebrating the arrival of summer, and as such fertility. Despite its name, Midsummer usually takes place on the first Friday after the summer solstice, with activities starting around noon and lasting until the morning of the next day. While traditions vary slightly in different parts of Sweden, it’s mostly for families and friends to gather together to dance, sing, eat and celebrate. Here are a few of the elements that make up a successful Midsummer:


The centerpiece around Midsummer traditions is the maypole (
midsommarstång in Swedish). The large pole stands tall in the centre of an event and is decorated with flowers green garlands and colourful ribbons. It’s customary for people to sing and dance around the pole, sometimes intertwining the attached ribbons.


Flower Crowns

Midsommarkrans’ – head wreaths made from wildflowers and greenery – are a must-have accessory for women and men during Midsummer. For a complete look, women often wear white dresses or something with a floral print, while men wear blue or white shirts.


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Little Frogs Dance

A favourite of children and adults alike, the Little Frogs dance (Små grodorna in Swedish) is an essential Midsummer activity. The dance involves everyone hopping around the maypole singing the words “Little frogs are funny to look at, they don’t have ears of tails”. It’s as fun as it sounds!


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Words by: Photographs by: Oriflame