What are essential oils?

Flick through an interview with a model, open the health pages of a magazine or scroll the latest beauty blogs and chances are you’ll hear about the benefits of essential oils. But what exactly are they? Read on to discover what everyone’s raving about.

Ok, so here’s the low down
Essential oils are aromatic extracts of plants. Which simply means that they are oils that are extracted from plants and have an aroma. They can be extracted from a variety of plants – think flower petals, citrus rinds, plant roots, wood, resins, leaves and so on – but the extraction process is very specific. Whether it’s a distillation or mechanical pressure method, the key thing to remember is that no solvent is used at all. Not only does that mean the process is environmentally friendly, it also produces a pure, 100% raw natural material. The precious oils are super highly concentrated, and the aroma is powerfully potent – each drop smells incredibly strong! But the power isn’t only in its strong scent, it’s what this strength can do for you.

How they can help you
These aromatic oils help plants survive and thrive – and they also have numerous therapeutic benefits to humans. You know that nostalgic memory you experience when you smell something familiar? That’s because aroma has an effect on the brain! It’s been scientifically proven that specific aromas of essential oils can make the body and mind react in a certain way. They can make you feel energised, or calm your mind. And the benefits can be transformative – people have experienced increased motivation, improved sleep quality, reduced stress and anxiety and so on. By tuning in to this ancient plant wisdom, essential oils can assist your body and to function at its optimum.

Why they’re trending
Given the desirable emotional benefits that essential oils have on humans, it’s no surprise that you see them listed as people’s go-to wonder product that helps them sleep well, or helps them deal with stress. Especially today, when global stress levels are high, everyone is looking for simple yet effective ways to help them deal with emotional wellbeing. And essential oils are so easy to use and actually work. Not to mention they smell amazing and feel ultra indulgent, so they really are the ultimate in self-care. But what might surprise you, is that aromatherapy is an ancient healing practice that has been used for thousands of years! Far from a new fad, this trend is here to stay.

Don’t confuse them with fragrance
Yes, they’re scent – but please don’t use them as a fragrance (even though they smell so good, we know you’ll want to!). Why? Because they are completely different products – and essential oils are so concentrated that you shouldn’t apply them directly to your skin.

Have we tempted you to try essential oils? Learn how to use them, and discover how these miraculous natural oils can improve the overall health of your mind, body and mood!

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