The best Valentine's Day gifts based on online hobbies

You and your partner may not have gotten a chance to go out much these past months and you both kept yourself entertained by browsing online through memes, motivational quotes and really nice looking banana breads. Since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, we thought we’d help you with a guide based on your partner’s online hobbies!

For Her

The Music Lover

Are you looking for the right gift for someone who is into music? Is she always looking to discover new tunes or the next breakthrough artist? Does she have the right song for every situation? Inspired by music and infused with thrilling notes of Ginger, Peony and Tonka, our brand new eau de parfum for her, Lost in You, will make the perfect gift for any music lover!


The Podcast Queen

Did she recently got into podcasts? Or, better, has she started her own podcast on self-care and pulling through tough times? Is she always sharing motivational quotes on her Instagram? Give her the right tools for a relaxing session of self-care: the new range The ONE Expert Care will help her achieve the perfect manicure and relieve the stress after a long tiring day!


The Beauty Influencer

She follows all the YouTube gurus and she is always on top of the beauty trends. She gets ready in the morning watching “Get ready with me” vlogs on YouTube and she falls asleep on unboxing videos. Does this person sound familiar to you? If yes, amaze her with the ultimate skin care routine that will leave her skin selfie-ready: NovAge Skinergise!


For Him

The Music Aficionado

We all know that one person whose most precious possessions are the headphones! Music puts a smile on our faces and helps us overcome sad days, so any gift related to it is welcomed. Lost in You is the hottest entry of the 2021 Fragrance charts and is looking to make waves! Inspired by music, this new couples’ fragrance brings a modern, unique take on love.


The Netflix-binger

We are all guilty of this! What can be better than immersing yourself into a captivating story during a cold weekend? He may lose track of time, so our 2-in-1 Trimmer will come in handy for easy and fast grooming!


The Online Trainer

Gyms may have been closed, but this didn’t stop him from creating his perfect gym at home after spending days reading reviews on the best training gears and following tips from fitness Youtubers! He tried all the online training apps and he even has his favourite routine that he follows every day! How can you surprise such a motivated and energized man? With the new North for Men PowerMax range! It will help him revitalize and refresh after a hard workout!