Trend Alert: Real Beauty for Real Life

Natural look make-up is one of those trends that appears every few seasons, but this time it has had an upgrade. What exactly is the new natural?

1. Let’s start with Natural
Natural make-up broadly means make-up that is closer to your natural hues, enhancing what is already there, but the NEW Natural means looking great from the inside out. Simpler mornings and multi-functional products. Essentially, less time spent in front of the mirror, more time spent looking great! 

2. Beauty from the inside, out
When you feel great on the inside, it’s easier to get out there and enjoy your day. Try starting with getting a good night’s sleep and drinking plenty of water. We asked our lovely models during one of our shoots how they keep themselves looking so good, and as well as drinking plenty of water, they gave us a golden tip: massage and moisturise the neck area to keep your face looking fresh. 

3. Give yourself a simpler weekday morning
Tired of wrestling with different bottles and brushes when rushing to get out the door in the morning? The New Natural is all about finding multifunctional products to make your mornings go more smoothly. Take The ONE A-Z Cream Hydra SPF 30 for example. Hydration, sheer coverage and SPF 30 are just some of the 10+ benefits in one tube. Follow with a sweep of your favourite mascara and off you go!

So, the New Natural is as simple as taking care from the inside, streamlining your mornings, and finding products that do more than one thing for you. That’s real beauty for real life.

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