Top trends to try this summer

So many different trends out there! But if they have something in common, is that boosting your personality is the key. This time we’ve collected some of the best trends of the season to help you find your best way of expression!

Skin Care trends

Organic ingredients

The best way to take care of yourself and the planet is to use formulas that are purer. The plants and botanicals in Love Nature products are grown, harvested and processed without the use of any chemicals. Just as nature intended!
Check our Love Nature Purifying 2-in-1 Mask & Scrub and Purifying Corrective Stick with Organic Tea Tree & Lime!



Yummy skin care
With so many stimuli around us, it is important to reconnect with our senses in playful (and tasty!) ways. Indulge in a new sensorial experience with the delicious smells and textures of Organic Yogurt and Forest Berries!
Try them in our Love Nature Forest Berries Delight Yoghurt Body Cream, Shower Cream and Body Scrub Jam!


Self-care skin care
Taking the time to focus on yourself with products that make you feel good also improves your mood and well-being. Enjoy a caring self-massage while applying NovAge Neck & Décolleté Advanced Sculpting Serum… or immerse in a luxurious experience with NovAge Skin Priming Essence!



New ways of application
THE ONE Irresistible Touch High Shine Lipstick has an innovative liquid pack with sculpted cushion tip. This ensures not only a precise application, but also a whole new sensorial experience!


Innovative designs
THE ONE 5-in-1 Wonder lash XXL Mascara has a unique brush design with patented Dual Core Technology -it combines a firm inner core with soft outer core bristles to deliver XXL lash volume!


Candy-glazed nails
A super cute trend to play around with colours! Add some sweetness to your life with OnColour Nail Polish shades and enjoy a candy-like glaze finish on your nails!


Hybrid Make-up
Giordani Gold Age Defying Serum Boost Foundation is make-up that also takes care of your skin! Infused with Natural Lotus Flower Extract, it helps create a silky-smooth texture and promote skin’s nourishment and well-being.




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