3 ways to step up your lip-care game

Who doesn’t love wearing lip colour? From bright mattes, striking pinks to nude gloss, but no lipstick can create a perfect pout if your lips aren’t well cared for.

Create a lip care routine
Lip care is an extremely important part of health and beauty routines yet is often overlooked. Incorporate your lip care into your daily skin care routine and your lips with love you back! Remember, always remove lipstick or gloss as gently as possible, use a lip scrub or mask a few times a week, and why not try an overnight lip spa treatment?

Hydrate and protect
Dehydration can often be the cause of dry, chapped lips but luckily the beautiful solution is oh so simple! Do you drink enough water? Try upping your water intake, eating more fruits, and limiting caffeinated beverages. And don’t forget, your lips are vulnerable to sun (even in winter) and wind damage! An ultra easy way to protect them is to use a lip balm containing SPF to avoid harmful UV rays, no matter the season.

Join the high-tech lip balm wave
Recently we’ve seen a wave a high-tech lip balms enter the beauty scene. By using advanced products with multiple ways to wear and benefits, you cut down your beauty time and ensure you’re ready to lead the way and kiss the world! Try our upgraded Lip Spa Lip Balm with Dual Core Technology delivers continual 8-hour hydration, lip-plumping volumised lusciousness and SPF 15 to shield and protect.