The 3 Biggest Accessories Trends to Buy Now

We take a look at 3 accessories trends that will lead us into summer 2020. Read on for expert secrets to accessorizing like a pro.

1. Colourful Jewellery
One of the important trends is always colour and every season there is usually a tone that shines brighter than the others. When it comes to this season, however, the message is clear: there is no one colour. Red, blue and yellow – take your pick, this season is all about getting back to basics on the colour chart. Our parting advice? More is more! A colourful piece of jewellery is a style statement in its own right, but two or three paired together is the most impactful way to navigate this trend!

2. Sporty-Chic Style
Sportswear has become synonymous with modern dressing. Turning sportswear into everyday wear, the athleisure trend is here to stay. Hoops, one tone watches and bum bags are the all-important plus ones for sporty T-shirts and high-waisted pants. Being paired with the right bags, your jeans are ready to take you from day to night with effortless ease.

Editor`s pick: Breeze Hoop Pack Earrings and Breeze Bum Bag

3. Tropical Prints and Bright Color Pairings
This season, designers are certainly hooked on the promise of exotic “tropical” adventure. We are warning you… The tropical trend is going to be huge this summer!

Editor`s pick: Breeze Banana Scarf  and Beach Bag

Bonus Tip:
The wearability of jewellery is hugely important. Were crushing on two-in-ones at the moment. Designers have been exploring multipurpose jewellery for a while, making their pieces detachable and versatile.

Editor`s pick: Breeze Changeable Watch

Now that you know the three biggest summer 2020 accessories trends, you are free to go forth and experiment with your looks!

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