The editor's gift guide

It’s that time of the year – you’ve got a lot of gifts to buy and you want them all to be meaningful. To offer some inspiration, our worldwide editors share what they’ll be gifting those closest to them and how they’ll be celebrating.

Fatima Delachica, Beauty Editor Latin America
How will you be celebrating? In Mexico we celebrate Christmas Eve with friends, exchanging “Secret Santa” gifts. We celebrate with a party called a “posada” (look it up it’s fantastic!) and we eat “tamales” with a drink called “ponche”.

Who are you buying for? My best friend Mónica.

What will you give? I will give her a Collectable Tote and a Smart Shaker (with the hook). I think it´s a super combo because she loves to be fit and healthy; and this way, she can carry her Smart Shaker wherever she goes!


Sandra Maric, Beauty Editor Western Europe
How will you be celebrating? In Stockholm, having a traditional Christmas “smorgasbord” dinner with my family. At three o’clock it’s custom in Sweden to watch a Disney Christmas Special on television as a family.

Who are you buying for? My children.

What will you give? My kids are obsessed with the Disney film Frozen, so besides toys I will also give them the Oriflame Disney Frozen 2in1 shampoo & conditioner.



Kirill Kutalov, Beauty Editor Russia and C.I.S 

How will you be celebrating? As not everyone in Russia celebrates
Christmas, the New Year is our big event. My favourite way to spend New Year’s Eve is to be with friends, going from one party to the next, finishing really late (or maybe really early the next day?) We start at home exchanging gifts, and then the rock-n-roll starts!

Who are you buying for? For my most significant other

What will you give? Ecollagen skin care set will be how I show how much I care.

Adelina Toma, Beauty Editor Central Europe  

How will you be celebrating? I am a traditionalist at heart and, although every year around this time I dream of a warm destination, I always end up celebrating at home, together with my family and close friends. That’s how I like it best!

Who are you buying for? This year I will be picking up a gift for my brother, always a tough one for me.

What will you give? Since he is always on the go, with a tight meeting and travel schedule, I plan to gift him the classic Black Watch – you can’t go wrong with that! I’ll make sure to throw in some sweets too, for good measure.

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