The Bloggers Guide to Shopping the Sales

Add a touch of glam or learn how to scout for the most desirable beauty looks. Follow these four tips from our beloved bloggers around the world, it’s simpler than you would think to jump into the hype of winter sales.

Ivana Klepcova, Slovenská

I love new yearś sales. Although shopping malls are crowded with people, itś worth to resist this chaos. I always stock up with lots of hot pieces.

Do you know what is even better?
You can buy online for the best prices in comfort of your sofa. My reccomendation is Oriflame edt Happydisiac, which exudes the most beautiful strawberry-flowery notes, you could imagine.

Winter is cold and dump, streets are greyish, people do not smile and do not enjoy their lives. Fill your long winter days with this happiness in a cute bottle. Close your eyes, imagine itś summer and you pick up strawberie in near forrest. Happydisiac will make you smile and convert every day to lovely day. Remember that smile is catching!, Česká

We asked her what she will be shopping from Oriflame and this is what she said:

1. Matte Lipstick The One Colour Unlimited in Berry Crush shade Tip: Do you dislike grey, gloomy weather?

Try to brighten up your day with a rich raspberry lipstic The One Colour Unlimited in Berry Crush shade.

The matte texture will look perfect on your lips for even longer than your usual lipstick.

2. Giordani Gold Eye Shadow Quad in Radiant Plum shade Tip: With this perfect combination of eye shadows in Giordani Gold palettes, you will be able to create a delicate day look, as well as an evening smoky look. Top for the blue-eyed girls – the Radiant Plum Quartet will suit you the most.

3. Essense&Co. Lemon & Verbena Body Wash Tip: Friday night party is almost here and you are tired after the long working week? This shower gel scented by lemon and verbena is just the kick you need to get back on your feet!  

Katarzyna Zamielska Perfumella,  Poland

How to shop the sales?
Sales are worth of putting on the classics. Neutral colors of eye shadows and nail polishes will match any styling.

Sales are good time for reasonable decisions; to stock up on high-quality products - they will serve you longer and prices do not ruin your wallet.

While shopping the lower prices, think also about the relatives and friends (their birthdays, anniversaries).

Sales are a positive pretext to change quickly your image or even lifestyle, the perfect opportunity to combine business with pleasure.

What wish I would have for Oriflame sales offer?

Mostly, some favorite perfume for myself and my family, an elegant makeup palette with brown and purple colors, some accessories as navy blue elegant handbag or attracting attention gold watch - bracelet.

Dorina and Cristina, Romania

The first and the most important advice: don’t buy a product just because is on sale.

We get excited every time we see a -70% price tag and we act under an impulse and end up buying it.

Try analyze and see if you really need that product or if it fits you before buying it.

Our second advice is to invest in quality. In the past, we used to catch the sales fever and we would buy clothes and cosmetics that we only used once and then forgotten about them because we didn’t really like in the first place and we just compulsively bought them because they were on sale.

The third advice is to search in more places in order to find the best deal. Sometimes, you can find identical products, but with different prices, so window-shop around before taking a decision.

Words by: Photographs by: Fotolia