Skin Treats For Early Autumn

The inevitable approach of the summer’s end doesn’t have to catch you off-guard. Read on to find out what changes you need to make in your beauty routine to be ready for those autumn foliage selfies.

It seems only yesterday when you were basking in the gloriously warm ambience of the midsummer days. But lately, almost unnoticeably, the sun started losing its brilliance, the chilly winds rose and brought a hint of fallen leaves with them, and slowly, you realised that it’s time to reach into your wardrobe and pull out a sweater.

Apparel changes aside, your beauty routine is also in for a shake-up. You need to say goodbye to two things: flip-flops and dead skin. Be sure to thoroughly exfoliate after the season of unforgiveable high-noon sun, swimming in various bodies of water and sweaty bus rides – Swedish Spa Salt Crystals Body Scrub will help you with that. 

For an every-day body care, use Ocean Foam Shower Gel. The wonderful scent will make you re-live your best summer memories while you give yourself a moment of relaxation that will leave your skin silky smooth. 

All of your skin deserves a deep cleanse, but not every area deals well with being scrubbed clean. Your face needs a delicate treatment, which is why we have a solution that does not require rough handling. The 2-step Pure Breeze Face Care Set takes care of purifying delicate skin in a very gentle way. The combination of facial steam and clay mask achieves exactly that while making you feel like you’re at your favourite spa.

This time of year, you can probably smell the change in the air. That’s partly due to the falling levels of humidity. It means that it’s high time to swap light summer lotions for more heavy-duty moisturisers. Swedish Spa Whipped Waves Body Butter is a perfect choice for the upcoming days. The mixture of Shea butter with Coconut, Canola and Sweet Almond oils will fortify your skin and prevent the loss of moisture. Not to mention, the heavenly scent will be a nice accompaniment to the increasingly common whiffs of fallen leaves.

Make sure your transition between seasons is as smooth as your skin will be after putting into use what you’ve read here!

Words by: Photographs by: Oriflame