Sunkiss Garden EDT: Cherish the beauty of summer

In today’s hectic lifestyle it is very important to take a moment just for yourself. With our new eau de toilette Sunkiss Garden you can cherish summer moments and enjoy peace and tranquility any time. Discover the new blooming scent that makes a great addition of your summer fragrance collection!

Summer inspiration
Sunkiss Garden EDT is inspired by summer time and composed around the sparkling and tropical notes of the dragon fruit. Its sweet and light flavor and spectacular colour makes you feel like in a paradise. 
Family: floral fruity woody
Sunkiss Garden EDT opens with sparkling summery notes of lemon, passion fruit and dragon fruit. Revealing a heart of raspberry, Lily of the Valley and Frangipani Flower, the summer sensation is further enhanced. The base consists of musk, praline and cedarwood for a classically feminine finish. 

Meet the perfumer:
Elise Benat
“When I create, I see images. Like a photographer, I imagine my fragrances as a picture.”

The raw material is the starting point from which Elise Benat builds her formulas. Drawing on a rich personal history of travel, she relishes the challenge of translating words into scents and creating subtle, surprising fragrances. 

Blossoming fragrance collection
Sunkiss Garden is another fragrance extension to My Little Garden range. The two fragrances are sharing lilly of the valley in their heart and musk as base notes. Sunkiss Garden opens with a vibrant dragon fruit note and My Little Garden’s top note is the cool and fresh basil flower. 

Escape the city hustle
Sunkiss Garden EDT lets your senses escape the city life and find your balance back. Just spray it onto skin to feel all tastes of summer: scent of blossoms, a touch of sun rays, deliciously fresh fruit and refreshing tumble of water. It is as good as summer afternoons can be!
Words by: Photographs by: Oriflame