Runway to reality: Winged liner

Forever a runway staple, feline flicks are always in fashion. But this season, it’s all about tailoring the winged liner to your eye, making it individual to you – this is how to create it.

From fine feminine flicks to bold statement liner, black liquid eyeliner was a huge runway trend. Makeup artists worked with the model’s eye shapes to make it individual, with varying liner looks within the same show.

Don’t just wing it, make it precise
The trick to applying liner like a pro is an easy-to-glide, intensely black pen formula – they make application quick and precise, especially if you choose one with a large nib that shapes into a fine tip. To create a precise line, always aim for the waterline at the root of the lashes. Start by applying the liner to the inner corner of the eye using the tip, then as you move outwards pull the outer corner of you eye tight so you can draw a straight line in one glide. As you reach the outer corner, flip the pen and draw from the other direction. Then, gently apply outwards pressure to the end of your brow with your fingertip and wing the liner towards your brow. If you want to amp it up for more drama, create a wider flick by angling the pen to create your desired thickness using the side of the nib.

Pair with iridescent skin
A radiant complexion gives a winged liner a fresh feel, rather than looking heavy. For a lit-from-within glow, mix a couple of drops of liquid highlighter to your liquid foundation before applying to your skin. Or if you want a more subtle effect, blend the drops of liquid highlighter with your moisturiser to create a luminous base. When your base is even, bring definition to your face by gently contouring with a bronze or deep brown cream – the cream texture will melt into your skin for a natural look, without dulling down the luminosity. Finish with a touch of powder around the corners of the nose, the middle of the chin and down the T-zone.

Make it modern with unpredictable choices
Always a favourite beauty look, a black liner can sometimes veer into classic makeup territory. Make it modern with an unpredictable, edgy nail colour. Cool pastel lilac is the nail shade of the season, ready to give every look an on-trend update.