Find the perfect gift based on her favourite flower!

Did you know that your fav flower says a lot about you? These precious pieces of nature have their own legends and meanings -just like Norrsken! Each of our jewellery collections are not only inspired by nature, but also has their own story to tell. That’s why we’ve prepared an easy gift guide, based on your woman’s favourite flower. If you are struggling to find the perfect gift for her, you just need to ask her: which of these flowers do you prefer?

With their exquisitely delicate appearance, these flowers symbolize beauty, passion and romance. If her answer is Peonies, you know it -she’s the romantic type. Love Rose Quartz collection is perfect for her! Cut to a faceted heart, a natural Rose Quartz is the centerpiece of the collection – and the stone of eternal and unconditional love!

Legend says, if you blow the dandelion’s seeds into the air and make a wish, it will come true. Probably the most magical flower of them all! Just like lady bugs, they are supposed to bring you happiness and good luck. What about giving her a nature’s inspired lucky charm? Check our Lady Bug Spinel collection!

Cherry blossoms are an emblem of spring as a time of renewal. Just like Butterflies, they symbolise hope and new beginnings, reminding us of the fleeting nature of life. Give her a piece that matches her beautiful soul with Butterfly Strawberry Quartz collection! Psst… the natural pieces of Strawberry Quartz are also believed to inspire positive energy!

Always pursuing the warmth of the sun, sunflowers are a beautiful symbol of devotion and love. If she is the one that brightens up your days, then Sunflower Quartz collection is the best gift for her! With Cubic Zirconia and Smokey Quartz, a gem that represents our connection with Mother Earth.

With its open petals, anemone flowers represent anticipation and excitement about the future. If she picked this flower as her fav, or if she is about to start something new… Anemone Topaz collection is her perfect fit! Beautiful pieces with White Topaz, a stone believed to fill you with positivity!

Lilies are associated with fresh life and rebirth. With a whole variety of types and colours, they are there to remind us of the true nature of Spring. What about a collection inspired by landscapes at dawn, when dew clings to flower petals? Take a look at our Dew Drop Serpentine collection! With Serpentine stones, believed to give you confidence to face new beginnings.

Besides being a gorgeous flower, lavender is renowned for its ability to calm down your senses and create a relaxing atmosphere. Just like Amazonite, an energy stone believed to have a soothing effect. If she picked lavender and you love her serenity, Hail Amazonite collection is the right gift for her!

Beautiful and brave, snow drops are one of the first flowers to break through the snow in early spring. If she picked this flower, she must be a passionate, powerful woman! Celebrate her unique spirit with Snow Drop Labradorite collection. With Rose Quartz and Labradorite stones, believed to bring strength and power for transformation.

Haven’t found your perfect gift yet? No problem, Norrsken has a collection for everyone! Check our Norrsken Spring Catalogue and find her the perfect piece!

Words by: Photographs by: Justyna Kalicka