Find a gift as unique as her!

Looking for the perfect gift for your mother, partner, sister, friend or co-worker? You came to the right place! Find the perfect jewelry piece to match her distinctive personality!

Just like every precious stone in Norrsken collection, each woman is different and unique. Not only every woman is naturally different, but also time and circumstances in her life shape their characters to be the amazing examples they are for us today.


In a similar way, Norrsken natural stones are chosen for their unique natural beauty and set in designs that showcase their singular rare variations. No stone is exactly the same as the other, which guarantees that her piece will be hers and hers only.


This Women’s day, let’s celebrate what makes them unique! Need some inspiration? We’ve prepared a simple gift guide to choose the perfect jewelry to match her personality. Show her how unique she is to you!


For a woman facing new beginnings

Did she get a new job, graduated school, started a new project or going through a new stage in her life? Then the Dragonfly Garnet Collection is your perfect choice! The dragonflies symbolize transformation, adaptability and self-realization, while the red Garnet is the stone of creative fire. Wish her the best for her new challenge!


For the one you love

What can be more romantic than watching together a crisp night sky? The stripped down, delicate Galaxy Quartz Collection is the best gift to give the woman you love. Connected with peace, love and harmony, Rose quartz symbolizes eternal and unconditional love. Let her know she is the one!


For a bold, passionate woman

Isn’t it inspiring how fiery she chases her dreams? Her passionate approach to everything she does? Well, then Passionate Tourmaline Collection is the best gift for her. The eyes of a swirling rose-gold snake are decorated with deep Red Tourmaline, a stone of courage, passion and self-confidence. Express your admiration for her!


For her modern style

Is her style always on point? Is she a fashionista that knows about every new trend? Then your choice is Feminina Sunglasses, the ultimate wardrobe staple. Softly rounded cat-eye frames in solid black adorned with Swarovski® crystals. Nothing can go wrong! Surprise her with a gift she will adore!


Honour her feminine wisdom

Has she influenced you in a particular way? Taught you something you didn’t know? If you simply admire her strength and wisdom, then Rose Pearl Collection is the ideal gift to express it! Pearls are a symbol of femininity and knowledge and a perfect to-go piece for everyday elegance. Celebrate her in her day!


For a calm, yet courageous woman

Being calm doesn’t mean to be passive. She influences you with her quiet aura, but also encourages you to take action when you need to. Serene Amazonite Collection is the gift you need! Also called the Stone of Courage, Amazonite is a soothing stone known for its calming effect. Tell her how peaceful it feels to be with her!


A classic that never fails

Not sure yet? We’ve got a wildcard card for you. Geometric Watch is a jewel of a watch and a perfect gift for a woman with exquisite taste. Adorned with a mosaic of black and clear Swarovski® crystals and equipped with sapphire non-scratch glass, it is a gift to never forget. Make treasured time take a new meaning!


Have you pictured her wearing one of them? Go ahead! Trust your intuition and make her feel gorgeous and loved!


If you want to see some more, we invite you to check the rest of Norrsken collections in our Digital Catalogue.

Words by: Photographs by: Oriflame