Celebrate the 45th Anniversary of Giordani Gold with the new treasure scent

2021 marks an important moment for Giordani Gold, as the brand celebrates its 45th Anniversary!

When did the very first Giordani Gold product launch?

1976. Born into an era of unique expression and bold fashion styles, Giordani Gold has a rich heritage that has been built over generations with iconic products. From luxury fragrances to sophisticated colour cosmetics, the premium products have always been crafted with carefully selected ingredients and the highest attention to detail, by some of the best experts in the world.



What is Giordani Gold known for?

Essenza Parfum is the real essence and heart of Giordani Gold – loved by many for its opulent bottle design, sheer sophistication and exclusive Orange Flower Luxury Essenza® heart note, the scent is Oriflame’s best-selling female fragrance.



Giordani Gold today

Continuing on the Essenza story, Oriflame launches the first flanker with Giordani Gold Essenza Blossom Parfum, the new treasure scent – inviting you to celebrate this iconic brand and special occasion through scent.


It’s time to enjoy the rich life and everyday indulgence of Giordani Gold!