Last-Minute Christmas Gift Guide

Time flies when you have a lot going on. Even though Christmas gifts might be on the top of your shopping list this month, it’s easy to fall a little behind with everything that needs to be done during this busy season. If you’re looking for a helping hand you’ve come to the right place. Without further ado, have a look at the Last-Minute Gift Guide.

Milk & Honey Gold Grand Celebration
The land of milk and honey is the ultimate dream destination. This set might not guarantee the physical journey there, but it’ll surely take the senses traveling. Give someone you love the gift of soft skin accompanied with a delightfully sweet scent.


Cozy by the Fireplace Set
Coziness is what we all crave during the cold months. So, make sure someone close to your heart finds this Christmassy scented set under the tree. The blend of wintry spices and the nourishing touch of the products will remind them of the warmth of your love.


Giordani Gold set: foundation or lipstick + mirror
Now let’s talk gifts for a real make-up lover. Trust us, you can never go wrong with a classic duo – foundation and lipstick. With Giordani Gold you don’t need to worry about the recipient’s satisfaction. Don’t forget to add a stylish mirror so they can touch up their make-up on the go.


Divine Exclusive Set
There are some women who can steal all the looks by simply walking into a room. If you’re lucky enough to know one, give her a gift that will allow her inner sparkle to really radiate its shine. Divine Exclusive fragrance she can wear day and night while taking care of her precious skin.


Ascendant Intense Eau de Toilette
What is the best gift for a man with a capital M? A fragrance that reflects his masculinity and boosts his confidence. This fresh blend of oriental, spicy notes mixed with warm and deep ones is going to make him feel more powerful that ever. 


Accessories for him
Whoever said that men don’t like to accessorize does not know much about the modern men. An elegant scarf or a watch with smart design are gift ideas that never go out of style. They work for a more sophisticated gentlemen as well as the ones who prefer to keep their outfits low-key.


2-in-1 trimmer & shaving products
If you’re looking for a gift idea for a man who enjoys a sharp look, you just found it. A set of shaving products with a 2-in-1 trimmer is the way to go. The cosmetics will leave his face with a feeling of freshness, while the trimmer will allow to tame even the most unmanageable facial hair.


NovAge Men Set
The gift of care is the best gift of all. Show him how much you do with a set of high-quality skin care products designed to target the men’s skin issues. This complete and easy to follow routine will remind him you’re here for him daily. 


Words by: Photographs by: Klaudia Meyer