How to use essential oils in your daily life

You’ve heard the buzz and finally have your little brown bottle of precious oil – it’s time to put the essential oils to work, so you can feel great! At the core, essential oils are all about self-care, and they’re a really simple way of doing something for yourself. Find out how to easily incorporate essential oils into your day, and improve your emotional wellbeing.

Breathe deep
If you don’t have much time, simply taking a deep breath of the aroma can give you the emotional benefit you need. Highly concentrated and powerfully potent, you’ll notice the incredible aroma as soon as you open the bottle. It’s ideal if you’re rushing from one meeting to the next and need a little boost of confidence – sometimes a quick breath is just the pick-up you need.

Transform your environment with a diffuser
Immerse yourself and your surroundings with the fine, cool mist of aroma by diffusing an essential oil. It’s as easy as placing 2-3 drops of your selected essential oil into a diffuser together with 75ml of water. We recommend using it in your living room with a calming essential oil, or on your work desk with an empowering blend. To experience the maximum emotional benefits, be sure to place your diffuser close to where you’ll be.

Take massage to the next level
Massaging with essential oils is a great way to release the powerful aromatic benefits and promote rapid absorption – basically it’s an easy way to get the benefits working quickly. Plus, it has the added benefits of moisturising and softening the skin thanks to the carrier oil, and relieving muscle tension (yes please!). Simply dilute 2 drops of essential oil with a carrier oil (Remember: you don’t want to apply essential oils directly to your skin, so pour the carrier oil into the palm of your hand first, then the drops). Then massage the oil blend into your skin for a transforming massage experience that optimises your emotional wellbeing.

Create the ultimate bath experience
Take time for yourself and elevate your bath with the emotional benefits of essential oils, for a truly ambient and therapeutic experience. This feels really indulgent, and just makes your bath experience so much better – we like to use a relaxing aroma to create a soothing bedtime ritual and melt away the stresses from the day, pure bliss! While you’re filling your bath up, just add 5 drops to the water and gently swirl. The aroma will rise up around you from the steam of the bath – consciously breathe in the fragrant steam and just be in the moment.

Invigorate your shower
We’re not all lucky enough to have baths at home (hello, tiny city apartment!), but thankfully we can create the same experience in our shower. Yes, that’s right – it’s as easy as placing 3 drops of essential oil on your shower walls, then turning on the water. Except it won’t be a normal shower at all! Instead, you will feel encapsulated by the fragrant steam surrounding you. This is a favourite way to use the oils in the morning, especially with an energising blend that gives you an invigorating mental boost. It takes no extra time at all, and is the perfect wake-up call.

Just roll-on as you go
We all know that emotions are not simple, neat packages that you can deal with only at home – they flow through us constantly throughout the day. When the need strikes, reach for a ready-to-use formula, like an essential oil roll-on. These formats contain essential oils and are conveniently pre-diluted, so all you have to do is roll them on, wherever you are (crowded train station, no worries!), and breathe in the aroma. We like to roll them onto pulse points – like the inside of your wrist – as the warmth from your blood helps to release the aroma, increasing the emotional benefit.

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