Editor’s Picks: Fragrance for a man of contrasts

Do you remember the charming and sophisticated Be the Legend, a chic masculine fragrance by Oriflame? This time, prepare to take a walk on the Wild side!

He used to be a man of the city: confident, charismatic and urbane. He radiated power when walking down the sidewalk dressed in an immaculately tailored suit, emanated charisma in his workplace, and oozed charm at Friday’s Happy Hour in one of the trendiest downtown bars. He is not gone, but rather ready to reveal his other side.

Be the Wild Legend is a fragrance for a man who chooses to forge his own path. Ready to be on the move, to feel the thrill of the journey, to venture into the unknown and conquer it. Evoking the freedom of the open road and the electrifying joy of throwing caution to the wind, it takes the man out of the city and brings forth his fiercer qualities.

While the original fragrance stood out with its surprising mixture of heady leather and spicy tonka bean notes with a crispy waft of apple, Be the Wild Legend layers scents in sensational combinations. Elise Benat – the Perfumer responsible for this new fragrance’s creation – expertly pairs the individual notes so that they come together in a conclusion that’s both charismatic and confident, but with an edge.

Be the Wild Legend opens with a strong hook of blood orange, ginger and black pepper. The intense heart moves from geranium to lavandin and is refined by the precious orris. The finish is a heady mix of ambergris accord with a touch of tonka bean and vetiver giving it a sweet, heady dry-down.

Which fragrance will you choose? Do you prefer urban style – a sophisticated man, who takes centre stage without even trying? Or are you drawn towards the stirring sensation of walking into the unknown, the thrill of the open road, where only the stars point toward the destination?

You decide!

Words by: Photographs by: Oriflame