5 Top Budget Beauty Buys

Even if your beauty bag barely closes it’s hard to resist the temptation to test new cosmetics all the time. We know the feeling! So, if your budget is temporarily tight, check our Editor’s Gosia Ulaska list of 5 affordable beauty products that you can try with no regrets!



Although you may have your own favourite lipstick, it is great to experiment with different shades, isn’t it? With Colourbox lipstick selection you can shop the variety of shades almost on a whim. No guilty conscience comes afterwards! 



Eye shadow palettes can be costly and once you get one, you tend to use only three shades in the end. If it’s “so you”, mono eye shadows are what you should be looking for now! Their compact size is super convenient and you can pick colours you love most to compose your own set. 

Running out of powder and budget for beauty buys? Grab Colourbox Face Powder. It’s non-drying and keeps shine under control – and that’s just what powder should do. There are only 2 shades to choose from, so it makes your choice enjoyably fast and easy!

Shower gels do not only wash skin but also provide sensual experience. So depending on the end effect, whether you’d like to feel more energetic, relaxed or refreshed after shower, you can use different formulas. Think economically and shop bigger bottles to enjoy your favourite gels for longer! Pick here.

When it comes to hand creams, you usually need more than one as it’s convenient have them available wherever needed: wash basin, work desk or a hand bag. Luckily, most hand creams are available at affordable price and they’re efficient too. Which one would you like to try next? Check them out!

Words by: Photographs by: Oriflame photos, Shutterstock