How to make the most out of Black Friday

Short days and frosted windows will seem to be less of a bother during the Festive Season – and the signs it’s coming are near. Make sure you make the most out of this year’s Black Friday!

The idea of Black Friday came to Europe from the United States, and while the majority of us is familiar with the concept of limited-time uber-favourable deals, the exact timing of this event may not be so obvious. Be sure to read this article and follow its advice to make sure you don’t miss Oriflame’s best offers!

1. You’re probably already there, because the first step is so easy – create your own Oriflame account! This way, you’ll be able to subscribe to our newsletter, which always includes key stories. What is more, you might want to turn on browser notifications for the Oriflame website, so that you get the most current information.

2. One thing that we cannot seem to be able to function without these days is a phone. Download the Oriflame app and scan the catalogue pages to discover the best deals. Then, you can swiftly and easily place orders via the app – isn’t that convenient?

3. Be sure to follow us on social media! We will let you know when something interesting is happening.

4. You can also mark your calendar for the Catalogue start date and expect excitement! This year, we will have many fantastic offers for you: Glacier, Lucia, The One Contouring Kit, Time Reversing Intense Cream – these are only some of the deals that are coming.

Stay informed and don’t miss the fantastic offers we bring you for this year’s Black Friday!

Words by: Photographs by: Oriflame