Summer scents: The best fragrances for you and your partner

What are the best fragrances for summer? Do you also tend to pick floral or fruity scents during summer? Let us help you pick the right scent for you or your partner!


The scent of… summer nights

Sublime Nature Tuberose Parfum

“Tuberose is the most tempting, seductive and alluring of all white florals.” The lovely Tuberose is also known as Mistress of the Night because it blooms at night, releasing its seductively alluring notes. So if you are feeling like a femme fatale this summer, Sublime Nature Tuberose Parfum is your perfect choice!


The scent of… fine living

Giordani Gold Essenza

Every season is Essenza season! If you like the finest things in life and adore a good classic perfume, then this is the fragrance for you. The radiant Giordani Gold Essenza Parfum evokes true luxury and craftsmanship from its exquisite glass bottle and real gold leaf detailing to its highly concentrated, floral woody fragrance.


The scent of… ultimate romance

Volare Moments Eau de Parfum

The new Volare Moments celebrates all the special moments of a love story. If you are a true romantic who wants to feel loved and to celebrate all the small moments of love, then this beautiful floral Eau de Parfum crafted with Rose Centifolia is your match.


The scent of… falling in love

Eclat Amour & Toujours

Oh, that feeling of falling in love! Captured in your heart. Captured in a bottle. Let your heart skip a beat with our his and her Eclat fragrances: Amour & Toujours! These fragrances have been created to let you escape to another world that’s filled with enchanting romance, the scent of fresh flowers and soft whispers of love.


The scent of… summer thrill

Glacier Rock

Maybe he’s not that much into couple fragrances. How about one that highlights his personality? An outstanding masculine fragrance, Glacier Rock blends dynamic citruses and chic aromatics to give a him a thrilling explosion of freshness. Sounds like the best perfume for your partner!