Beauty trend alert! Illuminating beauty

Fresh, luminous skin that appears to be lit-from-within is a recurring trend seen on the models every season – master skin radiance with our expert tips.

With coveted luminosity adorning the runways, it may look like the models just have incredible, youthful skin – but they don’t wake up like that! No matter how bared-faced they look, a lot of effort has gone into illuminating their complexion.

Skin first, makeup second
It all starts with the skin prep – an “it model” might be dashing from show-to-show, arriving just 20 minutes before showtime, but a makeup artist will never skip the essential skin prep. Why? If you want luminous skin, a clean fresh complexion is essential. While cleansing, give your skin a quick lymphatic drainage massage to get the blood pumping and sculpt the face. Focus on the jawline and under cheekbones, applying pressure to the facial contours and gently massaging as you move outwards towards the ears. You will notice an immediate lift, and it also helps to gently remove any dry skin patches. Finish your prep with a rich moisture.

Sculpt like a pro
Radiant skin looks natural, but contouring is key to enhance your features and ensure the overall look doesn’t fall flat. And contouring isn’t only about adding depth – it’s also essential to highlight the high points of the face for maximum effect. Stick to creamy textures as they appear more natural and effortless. Use a deep brown or bronze shade to add depth under cheekbones and sculpt the face, then finish with a luminous highlighter to enhance the contoured effect. When applying highlighter, go for the when the light naturally hits your face – tops of cheekbones, bridge of the nose and cupids bow. For a luxe feel, pick a product that glows with radiance, rather than sparkles with glitter.

The finishing touch
To pull your look together, define your brows for a polished finish. Statement brows are still on-trend, and a defined arch really helps to further lift your bone structure and open your eyes. Use a cream texture that sets after application, and focus on defining your brows from arch to ends with an angle brush to create small hair-like strokes – leave the inner brow toward the bridge of the nose more natural, for a more modern and realistic feel. Once you’ve created your shape, brush hairs upwards and out to create a more natural look. Finish with a hint of rose smudged into lips and the apples of the cheeks for a healthy flush.