The beauty hotspot alphabet from A to S: Why S-beauty is the only beauty philosophy you need

Recent trends have fixated on beauty routines from all corners of the world. From A-beauty in Austral-ia to S-beauty in Scandinavia, almost every letter from A to S has been claimed by one hotspot or an-other.

But forget T, U, V, W… we’re positive that S is where the beauty hotspot alphabet ends! In case you need convincing, we’ve made a dictionary of these beauty hotspot terms so that you can decide for yourself.



Australian Beauty (noun)
Taking inspiration from Australia’s famously laid-back lifestyle, A-beauty uses native Australian ingredients that focus on caring for skin exposed to the sun.

It’s no secret that Aussies tend to favour the beach over the office. They need an approach to beauty that reflects their lifestyle. Think caring sunscreens, soothing moisturisers for sun-damaged skin, and serums that tackle hyperpigmentation. A-beauty is about pared-back routines that use ingredients sourced in Australia, such as Kakadu plum and eucalyptus.



Japanese Beauty (noun)

Rooted in ancient traditions, J-beauty incorporates facial massage techniques with oil-focused skincare routines for a smooth and even complexion.

J-beauty places a focus on tradition and harmony, combining centuries-old traditions with the latest technology. Facial massages that boost blood circulation are popular, as well as native ingredients such as sake, rice, and camellia flowers. J-beauty also encourages “skin-fasting”, the practice of avoiding products to reset your skin.



Korean Beauty (noun)
Unique ingredients, from snail slime to bee venom, are used to comprise 10-step beauty routines that promise dewy, youthful skin.

Korea’s regimes and rituals to achieve glowing, super soft skin have attracted the attention of beauty enthusiasts. Unique ingredients comprise 10-step beauty routines that promise dewy, youthful skin. Bee venom is thought to have a muscle-relaxant effect, and pig collagen promises to fight signs of ageing. 



Scandinavian Beauty (noun)

With a focus on holistic wellness, the Scandinavian approach to beauty is about taking care of yourself, inside and out. Instead of idealising a certain beauty standard, it encourages feeling good in your own skin.

If you’ve tried every face mask that K-beauty has to offer, fasted your skin in the name of J-beauty, or pursued that effortless A-beauty surfer girl glow, you may have concluded that you just want to feel good in your own skin.


In Scandinavia, the approach to beauty is all about balance. It’s less about what you put on your skin, and more about how you live, and how you feel. Using native ingredients, Scandinavian beauty prioritises caring for your skin using kind ingredients.


At Oriflame, we’re proud of our Swedish heritage. S-beauty may be a trend, but our approach is much more than that. You can read more about the Oriflame approach to Scandinavian beauty here.