Be your own perfumer with the new fragrance experience trend Your scent, your way

There’s a new trend for applying fragrance, and it’s changing the way people experience scent – a technique that elevates your experience and allows you to interact with your scent in a completely new way. More bespoke, ultra-luxe and ultimately unique… Just like you.

This innovative new trend allows you to be your own perfumer and personalise your scent. Learn how to apply fragrance the new way with the All or Nothing Parfum experience, a no-rules approach where you are free to express yourself, your way.

Uniquely you
Designed to magnify you, the All or Nothing Parfums have been crafted with your personal skin as the first note. Master Perfumer Nathalie Lorson specifically kept this in mind, to inject the fragrance with your unique individuality.

The Parfums

1. All or Nothing Parfum
An addictive oriental Parfum crafted with the exquisite Vanilla Surabsolute. Encased in a uniquely cool and luxurious packaging, this is the first step in your exclusive parfum experience.

2. All or Nothing Unique Accord #1
A sensual Unique Accord crafted with a creamy floral musk note to merge with your skin. The second step to express yourself.

Get experimental and curate your scent
It’s time to throw the rulebook out of the window – this scent experience is all about you. Mix it up to create a bespoke blend that reflects how you feel. One that you can change as often as your mood changes…

Feel like reveling in attention?
Intensely addictive with an unforgettable first impression, spritz the All or Nothing Parfum onto your wrist and neck (and hair if you wish) – and be ready to captivate! Destined to be remembered, you can be assured all eyes will be on you.

Want to elevate your experience?
If you’re heading out somewhere special or just want to feel ultra-luxe, add new notes to your scent by layering the All or Nothing Unique Accord #1 over the All or Nothing Parfum to boost the whole composition with an enchanting new depth.

Are you feeling more relaxed and sensual?
The lingering scent of the Unique Accord feels so sensual and warm when worn alone, transporting you to a state of pure bliss. Reminiscent of warm skin and alluring encounters, it truly is a “true skin scent” that melds with your skin to enhance the essence of you. Wear alone and spritz liberally to all pulse points.

Do you want to intrigue?
Sometimes you want to be unexpected, and your scent can be your secret twist to captivate and intrigue others. Wear the All or Nothing Parfum on your wrists and spritz into your hair to capture their attention. For a unique twist, wear only the Unique Accord on your neck and behind your knees – delivering an unexpected hit of the warm narcotic scent, only to be shared with those lucky enough to come close.

So will you live life ALL IN with this new fragrance trend?
It’s ultimately up to you how you experiment and experience your scent. Dare to be you with this new All or Nothing fragrance concept – always individual, expressing the essence of you.

All or Nothing. Your scent is your trademark.