Editor’s Picks: 4 Male Fragrances Inspired By Nature’s Elements

Fire, water, earth or air? Which one of the four nature’s elements is best matching your man’s character? Check with the description below and find a fragrance he will love!


A man whose character can be described with fire is up for adventure. He is always in search for great company and is passionate about life. He leaves all worries behind and takes up challenges which charge him up. Best pick for this element will be an energetic fragrance that sparks your man’s adventurous spirit! 

Our pick: Glacier Fire EDT 



Water describes a sensitive and compassionate man who cares about other people. He sees life as a journey that can take an unexpected turn which he is not afraid to follow. Focused and peaceful on surface he is strong inside and always ready to keep your side. The best fragrance for this personality is the one that lets your man enjoy all facets of life!

Our pick: Eclat Homme Sport EDT 


If your man’s personality is Earth, he possibly has a very practical way of thinking. Goal-oriented he knows where he is heading and relies on his experience to reach for more in life. True to himself sometimes it is hard for him to change his decisions fast and adjust to changing conditions. Best fragrance would be the one highlighting his inner strength.

Our pick: Men’s Collection Intense Oud EDT


Witty, charming, relentlessly chasing his dreams. Air element characterizes a man who cannot sit still. Always in motion he never ceases to look for new opportunities to grow. For air personalities the best pick would be a fragrance that will inspire to explore the world’s possibilities!

Our pick: Born To Fly EDT

Words by: Photographs by: Shutterstock/ Oriflame