Christmas Gift Guide: The perfect gift for her

The most wonderful time of the year can prove to be equally challenging sometimes. Do you find yourself with a to-do list so long you can easily use it as wrapping paper? Worry no more! This year, we want to take some burden off your shoulders. And to do so, we prepared a gift guide designed to help you pick the ideal presents. Dive in and find the perfect gifts for all the women dear to your heart.

Eclat Blanc Eau de Toilette
Firstly, something for the ultimate madame. Just a spritz of Eclat Blanc Eau de Toilette guarantees to make her feel as if she is strolling the magical streets of Paris. The elegance of the scent playfully mixed with the festive sparkle will surely enchant the lucky recipient.


Love Potion Set
When the outside world proves to be ice-cold, it’s time to ignite the inner fire. A mesmerising elixir also known as Love Potion is a number one choice for the sensual women dear to your heart. Eau de Parfum paired with the powerfully scented Body Cream will help her open herself to passion’s enticing allure.


Divine Set
Do you know a woman who is so incredible she could easily steal the thunder from the first star on Christmas Eve? This type of electric personality deserves to feel extraordinary every day. Make it possible with the Divine fragrance – present her with the power and confidence to let her inner sparkle shine.


Norrsken Precious Spinel Collection
Now it is time for a shout-out to all the women who believe that details are everything. And during the festive season those details should be as glamorous as possible! Norrsken Precious Spinel Collection is a gift that will make the Christmas days the real crowning moments of the year. And it will allow you to share the happiness radiating from her sparkling eyes.


NovAge Set 
Self-care is among the best gifts you can give yourself. With a NovAge set you can make sure that those close to your heart give themselves a little self-love too. This gift idea is as thoughtful as it is versatile – you can choose from a whole range of sets dedicated to a variety of skin types, ages, and needs.


Words by: Photographs by: Nadiia Shvydka