Easy choices – an Oriflame Christmas gift guide

Apart from fairy lights, jingling tunes and the general air of merriment, the festive season is notorious for the mad rush and tiring scramble to get everything in order before the main event. In this busiest of times, let us help you by making your life a little bit easier.

Fragrances are among the most eagerly chosen gifts: for partners, for friends, or for family members – the closest ones and those you see not often enough. So, celebrate this season’s festivities with your your wife, mum, sister or grandma, by lifting their spirits with a limited-edition Miss Giordani Intense set! The sophisticated and exuberant Eau de Parfum is reinforced with a complementing Shower Gel.


Perhaps you are lucky to know a woman who is passionately in love with life – one who lives to love, create, laugh, and share moments of little luxury with others? We have an Eau de Parfum and Body Cream that would make her feel like a queen. The inspiration for Giordani Gold Original comes from the rolling hills of Tuscany, and the Italian way of life is a perfect match for her.


On the other hand, if you have a sophisticated lover of all things French on your Christmas shopping list, you will find Eclat Femme Weekend Eau de Toilette and Body Cream set to be a great choice. This radiant fragrance will let her express her individual style, while at the same time satisfying her Francophile yearnings – she will feel as if she were strolling down the Parisian avenues in springtime!


However, Paris might be a favoured destination for the men in your life as well. Men as sophisticated and alluring as a night in the city of love – these are the ideal recipients for Eclat Homme Eau de Toilette and Deodorant set. Following the legacy of manly elegance, Eclat Homme achieves the perfect balance of timelessness and modernity. Make a gift of this refined mark of style for the contemporary gentleman!


What if the man in question is more of an adventurer type? A bit untamed, endlessly lively and always ready to embark on another journey? The perfect present for such a bloke would be the Eclat Homme Sport set, with Eau de Toilette and Deodorant. The scent is an embodiment of ocean’s energy – it evokes the sense of open possibilities that a successful, charismatic man would surely appreciate.

Let’s not forget about the contrasts! Powerful yet charming, assertive yet laid back – these are the men who everyone seems to get on with like house on fire. Caught up in the dazzling agitation of his life, he follows his own path. Grant him a companion: a set of Be the Legend Eau de Toilette and Deodorant that will capture the essence of his mercurial personality. A fragrance which will let him stand out without trying.



Hopefully, now you’ll be able to check a couple of things off your Christmas list!  

Words by: Photographs by: Oriflame