The millennials Valentine: How to celebrate love like a millennial

They live life with passion and an independent “I-can-do-anything” mindset – which is why when it comes to commercial dates like Valentine’s Day, millennials are never predictable. Some even boycott it altogether. But one thing’s for sure – if they choose to celebrate their relationship, it has to be unique. So say goodbye to traditional flowers and chocolates, and read on to learn how to love like a millennial…

Buy less, experience MORE
Millennials are ALL about the unique experience and living in the moment, like there’s no tomorrow. So rather than buying each other presents you won’t even remember in a few months, plan and book a fun experience together – a treasure hunt with personal clues scattered throughout the city to find you is top of our list! Your heart will be full with memories and it doesn’t need to make a big dent in your bank balance. It’s a win-win.

Say it with song
Remember that feeling of giving or receiving the perfect mixtape from your crush? Music hits emotions at the core, and songs can continue to evoke memories years later. So make a Spotify playlist for your love, with all your favourite and special songs that mean something to you both. Or go old-school and make an actual mixtape, adding your own commentary along the way!

Get inked
Nothing says “it’s you and me” more than getting a tattoo together. Whether you opt for your own design, matching tattoos or even their handwritten name for the ultra-committed, imagine the thrilling adventure of getting inked together on the spur of the moment. And don’t worry – a tattoo doesn’t have to mean forever-love; it just tops up your memory bank of fun times in your life to look back on and make you smile!

Connect through scent
Our sense of smell is so deeply connected to our emotions and memories – so why not make this time in each other’s life more personal (and memorable) with matching perfumes. Pick an addictive scent for Her and Him that keeps you coming back for more, and reminds you of them each time you apply it. Lost in You Eau de Parfums even create an exclusive Heartbeat Accord when you wear them together, making your scent connection even more unique! And if you live together, your matching bottles will look super chic on your shelf.

Join the tech generation
A true millennial is tech-savvy, and expressing your feelings for each other online is the ultimate symbol of love. It shows the world how amazing you think they are, and you’re not afraid to shout it from the rooftops! So join the tech generation and dedicate a tiktok video or instagram post to them.

Ssssh… it’s your secret
It can be easy to book a table at the new hip restaurant in town – just like everyone else – but what would be unique about that? Instead, discover a new secret spot away from the crowd, and vow to return every year. You could even take the coordinates of your special place (now that could be your matching tattoo!).

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