Step-by-Step: 3 Tricks to Make Your Makeup Last Longer

You can make your look last a lot longer with just a few simple changes in your makeup routine. Here are three tricks from the pros!

If you want your foundation to last all day long, you mustn’t forget to use a primer as base. Not only will it give you longer coverage, it will also fill in your pores and blur out any imperfections in your skin.

Warm your foundation in the palm of your hand before patting it onto your skin. The warmth will give the product better glide. The patting movement is also making your foundation less likely to slide off during the day, as it settles on your skin rather than being smeared around.

3. FIX
For longevity, always seal your makeup with translucent loose powder. Sweep a thin layer across the oily parts of your face, like your eye lids and t-zone, which is where makeup tends to disappear first.

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Words by: Photographs by: John Buddee Hair & Makeup: Åsa Östergren