Step-by-Step: 3 Easy Steps to Applying Loose Eye Shadow

Love the beautiful look of loose powder eye shadows, but find it hard to use? Don’t worry - you’re not the only one! So here’s a guide that’ll teach you how to apply it like a pro.

Start by priming your eyelids with a cream eye shadow. The creamy texture will improve the hold of the fine, loose powder.

Since loose powder eye shadows can be a bit messy, you’ll want to protect your cheeks. Applying some tape under your eyes is a great way to collect excess eye shadow. Don’t forget to reduce the tape’s stickiness, by pressing it to the back of your hand a few times, before applying to your face.

Now, dampen your applicator before dipping it into the loose eye shadow. This will make the loose powder stick better and spill less. Then slowly pat the powder on top of your cream eye shadow until you feel that the product has settled into place.

And there you have it; the easy way to apply loose eye shadow!

For a video click here.

Words by: Photographs by: John Buddee Hair & Makeup: Åsa Östergren