Soothe Yourself with Mindful Beauty

Luxury is no longer defined by high price and exclusivity. These days, high quality experiences and self-care go a long way in terms of making us feel good about ourselves. Simple experiences that bring mindfulness into our lives give us more than ever before.

Why Not Indulge in Self Care?
When you feel beautiful on the inside you look beautiful on the outside, right? Who hasn’t noticed the glow of their skin after a good night’s sleep or an invigorating yoga session? Or even just a surge of inspiration and energy after 10 deep mediative breaths. We know self-care works. So. What if did it all the time? What if we spent every day, whether working at home or walking in the forest, doing everything with purpose and focused calm? Allowing ourselves to be present and take pleasure in the details of each day? Now that I’m at home more often than not, I’ve started to notice that the difference between ritual and routine is nothing more than my intention. And self-care and the benefits it gives us can be woven into almost any moment.

Pearl Beauty Experience Every Day
My favourite way to spoil myself right now is with self-care infused make-up. Make-up that makes me look amazing, is good for me, and gives me something much more than just beauty. A moment to relish. A pleasurable experience. Since I don’t dress up very often these days, feeling really healthy and looking beautiful each day is my way of adding luxury to my life. I’ve just discovered Giordani Gold’s new Tinted Moisturising Pearls, a modern hybrid gel face primer filled with tiny pink pearls inside it. And not just any pearls. When you smooth the gel onto your skin, the tiny pearls open, and the colour inside them transforms the hue and tone of your skin, giving it a healthy, even, moisturised, pearl glow that makes you look like you just woke up from a long nap. Even better, the delicate aqua-gel primer is infused with Hyaluronic Acid that softens and plumps while creating a smooth, supple base so your foundation or make-up goes on more evenly. It takes just minutes to apply, and I relish each one. The softly scented primer gel, crushing the pearls gently under my fingertips, creating a delicate and freshly primed finish for my face before I’ve even begun applying any make-up. This is the way to start a beautiful day.