Get the look: Scentsational Layering

Oriflame proudly introduces a bold new range of products to help you create a mesmerizing fashion look that's guaranteed to draw the eye and leave its mark.

Inspired by the Light Magic trend that explores the more obscure and beautifully intriguing visual world within nature, the Scentsational look was developed on building up enchanting layers of curiosity - to powerfully pull people's attention in.

There are two fragrances in the Scentsational collection: an Eau de Toilette and a Body Mist. On their own they are both modern and exuberant scents. But they are also specifically designed to blend together to create a totally unique and experimental scent.

Creating your unique signature scent

Here's how it works: First apply Scentsational Eau de Toilette to your pulse points. Then spray the Scentsational Body Mist on top, to create a totally original signature scent.


There are new high-pigmented shimmering shades of eye shadows and each brings another layer of dramatic intrigue to your look. The new The ONE Make-up Pro Wet & Dry Eye Shadow shades – like Golden Khaki, Breezy Blue or Pewter Grey - can also be blended together and applied wet or dry.

Accessories that blend in - TO STAND OUT

The Scentsational accessories were designed in collaboration with the 2019 ORIFLAME TREND AWARD winner, Adam Swärd. Inspired by the fluid organic shapes in nature, Adam helped develop a bold and experimental range that features a bag, scarf, earrings and sunglasses. Adam Swärd, Oriflame Trend Award winner 2018


Be bold. Experiment. And let the Scentsational collection leave your mark with a powerfully mesmerizing fashion look built on the fantastical sights and feelings from nature!