How to rock a bold matte lip

Finding the perfect matte shade for your look is one thing, but having it last throughout the day without smudging is a whole other ball game. Here’s how to master the art of wearing a bold, long-lasting statement lip.

A bold matte lip can transform your entire face, it’s no wonder we love this look! They’re the definitive way for creating an effortless statement look in a flash. Bad hair day? Throwing on a bright matte shade can solve all your problems.

If you want to be able to drink your coffee without painting a cup, or steal a kiss without it ending up on your teeth, you'll need a long-lasting formula that’s transfer resistant. Check out a lipstick that fixate’s colour onto the lips yet is creamy and non-drying.

Make sure your lips are properly moisturized
Exfoliation and hydration is the best place to start, you need a soft and smooth canvas to create impeccable lip look. Do this the night before or as the first part of your makeup routine so your lips have time to soak up the moisture.

Precision is key
For an impeccable lip look, don’t skip the lip liner, it’s essential in creating your statement look. Hold the lip liner gently, holding it closer to the far end can help with accuracy. Use gentle strokes and sketch around the whole outline of your lip. Soften as needed with a lip brush or your finger. Apply a generous layer of your fav matte lip, press your lips together and let dry.

Go for glow
‘Glowy’ radiant skin is the perfect counterpoint to matte lips, so keep the rest of your look fresh. Choose a tinted moisturizer or lightweight foundation, a sweep of blush and mascara. That’s all you need to nail this all-eyes-on-you lip look!