How to make the fragrance last longer

You can put on a leather jacket and wear it all day long, but it’s not quite the same with fragrances. If you’ve ever found yourself logging around heavy, ornate bottles of your favourite elixir, because you feel your perfume needs a touch-up, you might find this interesting.

What’s in it for me?
It’s no secret that fragrances are categorised differently, depending on the concentration of the actual perfume oils in the mixture. Logically, the higher the amount of the actual scented substances, the more intense the fragrance is, the longer it lasts – and the more it’s worth. However, the lesser known fact is that the perfume’s longevity has also a lot to do with its ingredients. More prominent base notes – think woody or oriental, like musk, sandalwood or vanilla – mean that a fragrance will last longer. Fresher scents have a tendency to vanish more quickly, so citrusy or floral combinations won’t have the same staying power.

When is the time?
Choosing the right moment to apply perfume needs quite a bit more consideration than you might think. The skin needs to be clean, but not wet, and you don’t want to leave stains on your clothes. The easiest way to achieve this seemingly complicated balance is to first take a shower – it will open your pores and help with the absorption – pat yourself dry with a towel, and only then spray the perfume. To lock in the scent even better, you might want to apply some lotion first – it will moisturise your skin and reinforce the staying power of the fragrance. Remember to wait a moment before you put on your clothes, otherwise, some of the scent will rub off and you risk staining the material. 

Where to aim?
You probably know that everybody applies perfume to their wrists, but do you know why? It’s because of the pulse points: places on your body where the blood vessels lie shallow beneath the skin and, therefore, are usually hotter. The warmth activates the perfume during the day, and helps it develop. Apart from the insides of wrists, other pulse points are located on your neck: at the base of the throat and behind your ears, but also behind your knees and ankles. Bare skin is always the best receptor for perfume, as it binds with the natural oils, but if you want to keep your fragrant aura throughout the day, consider scenting your hair as well. Did you notice that the last time you went to a bonfire, you couldn’t get the smoke odour out of your hair seemingly for days? With perfume, the intensity will be similar, but the quality of the experience will dramatically improve. Just avoid spraying the fragrance directly onto your tresses – putting it on a brush first will transfer it just fine, and won’t dry your hair.

But how?
There are many ways of maximising your perfume’s longevity, but the best and simplest solution is to use product of the same line along with your fragrance. If your shower gel and moisturiser carry the same scent, it will become reinforced and is less likely to fade before the end of the day. Such is the case with Miss Giordani Perfumed Body Lotion, which will help you retain Miss Giordani Eau de Parfum’s irresistible Italian sophistication until well into the evening. Probably the neatest trick is to apply a dot of petrolatum-based product, such as Tender Care Protecting Balm, to the spot you want to spray with perfume. The occlusive qualities of the substance work as a super-charged moisturiser that locks in the scent for even longer. Don’t rub your wrists together, though! Contrary to popular belief, you are not making your skin absorb more perfume that way, but rather forcing the top notes to vanish faster, robbing the fragrance of some of its strength.

If during the day you find yourself prematurely fragrance-free, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your favourite perfume disappears from your skin faster than intended. Most probably, you’re just a victim of olfactory fatigue: your nose is not able to pick up the same smell after long exposure to it. Our brains have an amazing ability to get accustomed to scents over time, which means that even if we can’t sense it ourselves, other people are still able to smell us quite fine. So choose your signature scent wisely!

Words by: Photographs by: Oriflame CE