All You Need To Keep Your Nails Perfect

Weak nails, smudged polish, broken nail plate? We all know the pain. There are many factors that can influence your nails condition but we know how to deal with them! Check our tips to fix any nail concern you may have!

1. Supplement
Well-balanced diet is a must when it comes to having strong nails but most importantly to look and feel at your best every day. Wholesome foods high in iron, selenium and calcium contribute in making nails strong and shiny but also help them grow in the blink of an eye! You can support your nail growth and strength with a good supplementation. We recommend Wellness Hair & Nail Nutri Complex

2. Daily care
Next important habit to develop is to use nails conditioners which can protect your nails from discolouration and breaking. Remember - in this case systematicity is the key! Complement your nail routine with a cream that nourishes and conditions hands and nails and stock up on nail care polishes that promote nail growth, strengthen the nail plate and soften cuticles. 

3. Always be prepared
We all know the pain when a nail breaks in the most unexpected time. Usually it makes you feel uncomfortable impacting your self-confidence. Don’t get caught by surprise ever again! Make sure that you are always prepared for this kind of situation and carry your Nail It manicure set with accessories to easy fix this nail situation!

4. Get the perfect look
Styling your nails is not easy as it seems. Especially, when your favourite nail polish requires applying many layers to create an even shade. Therefore, keep a good top coat on the shelf to help you in case of imperfections that take time to fix. The One Instant Rescue is one of them! It is super easy to apply, increases the shine, corrects any smudges and leaves your nails perfect- with no effort!

Words by: Photographs by: Oriflame